Powerful 3Deep Radio Frequency Technology
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Nu-Erase Treatment Before and AfterOur Nu-BodyShaper treatment uses powerful 3Deep radio frequency by EndyMed. The Shaper handpiece is specially designed to treat large areas of the body quickly. The radio frequency technology used is specially designed to reach deep to stimulate maximum collagen production. This makes it perfect for:

How does it work?

During a Nu-BodyShaper skin tightening and contouring procedure, the handpiece is moved over the area that is being treated in continuous circular movements, and a gel is applied to the area to help with the movement. The focused heat, which penetrates your skin, causes it to go slightly red and the collagen contracts, lifting and tightening your skin. The procedure is both pain-free and safe. The heat that is generated is similar to having a hot-stone massage and you should, therefore, experience it as relaxing and comfortable. After a Nu-BodyShaper session, you can return to your normal activities at once.


Described as a "super skin tightener" by Good Housekeeping, the EndyMed 3Deep® radio frequency technology delivers focused, controlled energy deep beneath the skin's surface to stimulate the body's production of new collagen and elastin, triggering the body's natural healing process to eliminate damaged tissue and rebuild the skin's natural support structure. A researcher from the Good Housekeeping Beauty Lab cited experiencing "immediate tightening and plumping with little pain" when trying the EndyMed 3Deep® treatment.

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