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Wow, Wow, Wow and… WOW!

That’s right... Miami Beach, Beverly Hills, movie-star-style treatments now available in NC
EXCLUSIVELY AT NuBODY SOLUTIONS! As a preferred NuBody customer, you get first notice
plus a special introductory rate to try these services!!!


Nu-FaceRejuventation Nu-BodyShaper
Nu-Lift Nu-Erase
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These amazing new services are made possible by our new Endymed Pro machine which features 3Deep Radio Frequency technology. Each of the Endymed Pro handpieces allows us to offer a different remarkably rejuvenative service.

The Endymed ifine handpiece is specifically for the fine, hard-to-treat skin around the eyes and mouth. The Endymed Small 3Deep handpiece allows us to spot treat and sculpt small body areas like jowels, chin and neck; arm flab; crepey cleavage; flabby knees and more. The Endymed Shaper handpiece allows us to quickly and dramatically treat large body areas like bellys, thighs, back, and buttocks to sculpt away cellulite and unwanted, stubborn fat. And, finally, the Endymed intensif is the handpiece that combines 3Deep RF with microneedling to effectively erase deep lines; acne, surgical, and injury scars, including stretch marks!

Endymed Pro allows NuBody Solutions to offer you the same highly-effective treatments that the stars use in New York, Miami, and Hollywood - without the movie star price tag!

For more information about the technology behind the results, CLICK HERE or give us a call and we can explain it to you at a free no obligation consultation. 336-389-0001

• One-on-One Coaching to Help you Succeed!
• Lose Weight! to Look and Feel Great!
• Lose Weight in a Healthy Way! You will be eat "regular" foods.
• Never Feel Hungry or Weak! We make sure your body has the fuel it needs to feel great.
• Commit to only 6, 10 or 12 Weeks... Depending upon your weight loss goals
• All Inclusive... ALL Programs include the products you need to be successful!
• Programs Start for as little as $1/Day... depending on your budget and weight loss goals

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What to Expect from a FREE Consultation

When you come in for a consultation, we personalize your plan unique to you and your body, skin & health goals. We focus on spending one-on-one time with you and after listening carefully to you, we use our expertise to develop a program that suits YOUR needs and YOUR budget. We REALLY LISTEN as you tell us what bothers you, what you want to change, and how you want to feel in your own skin!

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**Before starting any diet or weight loss or body contouring program, consult with a doctor or your personal physician. Although our weight loss program was designed under the supervision of our NC licensed dietician, Jan Johnson, and our medical advisor for all services is Dr. David Best, who has had a successful practice in Greensboro since 1982; you will still need to consult with a physician to make sure that you do not have any health issues that would prevent you from safely utilizing NuBody Solutions’ products or services. At NuBody, our results vary from client to client because we work with individuals from all different health and physical backgrounds, weights varying from 100 to 500 pounds, and and widely varying health, wellness and cosmetic goals.