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We are so excited to open our new brow and lash studio annex at 2100-F Cornwallis Drive (right behind our main facility).

In The Studio, we will be offering complete brow and lash service as well as facial and body waxing services.

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Lift and Tink Lashes, Classic Extensions, Volume Extension Lashes


If you like the idea of never needing to wear mascara again, then our lash serices are definitely for you! We will work with you to achieve anything from lifted or tinted natural lashes, to lash extensions, which are available in a variety of custom options from natural, to lush, to babydoll.

Following an initial consultation, if you decide on extensions, your aesthetician will work to apply individual lash extensions to acheive your desired look. Lashes are available in various lengths and in mink and synthetic options. Your extensions will last from 2-3 weeks depending on your natural lash growth, the style you chose, your environment, and your care routine. The cost for extensions is $120-$180 and depends upon how many extensions needed, how many natural lashes your have, and extension type required to achieve your desired end result. We will discuss your goals and help you get the lash look you prefer.

Lash refills are maintenance touch ups for clients who have recently had extensions applied by us. Refills are $50+ depending on the quantity and type of lashes required for your refill.

Wax and Tint Brows, Laminated Brows, Brow Microblading


Lip Wax, Chest and Back Waxing, Underarm Waxing


*We do not do bikini waxing for males. Ladies, for best results in the bikini area, be sure the hair growth is about the length of a grain of rice.

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