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Below are just a few of the reviews we have received recently.* **

Always enjoy my visits with NuBody – always feel like family there ~Jerry

You guys are great and really friendly, makes me feel real good bout myself. ~Allyson

5 Stars. Have been coming to NuBody for SEVERAL years and have always had a good experience for the various services that I have had. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable and I appreciate the fact that there are no high pressure sales tactics. Makes me feel like they are more interested in my well being and not sales quotas. ~Jennifer

Amber is great. Love my facials and massages. ~Andrea

I really like this weight loss program. I still eat the same foods, I just got shown how to eat more properly, so I don't have to buy diet food. The people here are so friendly, helpful and encouraging. ~Janet

Love the services and the staff is great ~Chris

I think it is a great program. I'm very pleased with the weight loss program, with the weight I've lost. The products are great. Also, the staff is very friendly and knowledge. ~Jim

The staff is wonderful! ~Dawn

Amazed with results. Love coming here! Amber is a true professional. She has changed my body for the better in the few visits I've been here! Worth every penny. ~Riene

Susan and the staff really care about the clients success. They make the body makover experience very enjoyable. They truly care about you and make you feel like family. ~Norris

Love the personal attention and everyone seems to really love working for Susan. ~Christy

5 star rating – I have enjoyed every moment. The treatments have been very relaxing. Upmost professional treatment! ~Cindy

The wrap is great. Susan is amazing! – always feel like family there ~Dominique

I like the services and the office is located in a good spot. THANK YOU! More rock on the radio. ~Kirk

Love relaxing with Amber. She gives the BEST massages. ~Paula

I'm super extremely satisfied with the service I receive from Brooke~Ivonne

Very knowledgable, friendly, attentive staff. They offer a variety of services and products. I often recommend Nubody ~Cisco

Love the great group of girls that do the treatments! They always make your visit fun! ~Zandra

Most amazing massage I have ever had. Definitely will be doing this again. ~Kim

Love, love, love you guys! Every treatment I have has been a wonderful, relaxing experience. Very professional and knowledgeable staff! Would and do recommend Nu-Body! ~Christina

The experience was amazing, and I really enjoyed my first experience. Susan, you are the best! Will definitely be back. ~Kandace

Great, helpful staff ~Shari

This was my first time and I really enjoy myself and will be back. Respectful and caring staff. I will recomment to anyone. ~Sherika

5 STARS! Thank you! So wonderful! ~Lynette

Nu-Body Solutions is amazing. The service is outstanding. You walk in feeling at home and you leave relaxed ~LaTorcha

Below are more actual stories about and comments from just a few of our NuBody clients:

Kristal Looking Beautiful!

Meet Kristal:

Kristal lost 2 clothes sizes and gained TONS of self confidence! She can show off her legs and feels great about herself now thanks to NuCellUSmooth!

"Love️ me some NuBody Solutions.... an answer to prayer! I never thought I could ever get rid of that sinful stuff called "Cellulite" but thanks to you Susan and your wonderful team I've never felt better about myself. Suffered my whole adult life with cellulite and Drs said no surgery, but I kept searching and found you and you have made a world of difference in my life and my Body.... And I Thank you so much!!!! Not only losing the cellulite but A lot of inches and now eating healthier!" `~ Kristal

If you want to look and feel your best, call us at NuBody Solutions - Consultations are FREE!

Meet Chris:

Chris has lost over 30 pounds, 6 inches off his belly and is down 2 pants sizes!

With NuLipoEx and NuBody Solutions's wellness coaches, he has lost it and kept it off all year long!!!

Call us today so we can help YOU reach your goals no matter what they are! Consultations are FREE

Chris Down 30 Lbs!
Kathy Down 30 lbs, too!

Meet Kathy:

Beautiful business woman who's on the road all the time! She's down 30 pounds and 27inches!!! Wow!

With NuBody Solutions, we can help YOU get to YOUR goals no matter what they are and teach you how to stay there!

Want to lose weight, tighten and tone call today for your FREE consultation!

Meet Laura:

She had no weight lose at all, just wanted to get rid of her cellulite and to tighten and tone a few little places here and there! With NuCelluSmooth or NuLipo Ex you too can get that body you've always wanted without surgery, downtime or pain! What a gorgeous lady!

Call NuBody Solutions to see which service is BEST for your goals! Consultations are FREE!!!

Laura is Smooth and Toned!

Read Josie's NuBody weight loss story in her own words, on this facebook post!

Josie has lost over 20 pounds and gone from a size 14 to a very cute, slim 8! She loves Nu Lipo-Ex & NuCell-u-Smooth! Listen to Josie on 107.5 WKZL week days! She is a true testimony of how visits to NuBody Solutions & following the program pay off!

--- Josie Cothren

Before After
Michelle Finch has lost 28 pounds, 4 inches in each thigh, 5 inches in her waist, got rid of cellulite and feels fantastic! She has gone from a size 12 to a size 8! NuLipo Ex and NuCell-u-Smooth worked perfectly to sculpt the areas that she wanted to trim down without pain, downtime or surgery! Michelle has literally used ALL of our services. She has been a faithful client of wraps for 10 years and she loves all our facials and our products! Michelle, we are so proud of your weight loss this year! You look gorgeous!!! 

--- Michelle Finch

Meet Thomala! She has a brand NuBody!
In just 2 months she has lost 20 pounds and 8 inches in her mid-section!

--- Thomala Davis

Cindy Manchester What a difference just 4 weeks can make! Cindy dropped 2 clothes sizes and her muffin top is GONE! Down 10 pounds and 15 inches with NuLipoEx and our weight loss program!

--- Cindy Manchester

Brooke Kara joined our weight loss program a little over a month ago and has dropped two sizes! She loves our body wraps, massages and the NuLazer Lipo! She told me she doesn't know what she would do without us! (We love you too Kara!!!)

--- Kara Beal

Brandi "I love coming to NuBody Solutions for my body wraps!!! They tighten and tone and detoxify the skin and leave me refreshed! Love the Nu Lazer Curve too, that's great to reduce a little body fat! Been a client of theirs since 2011! I swear by their wraps!"

--- Nicole

Melanie Ebonae has been a faithful client to our detoxifying, slimming body wraps since 2009! She loves the inch loss and how silky smooth her skin is afterwards! The day this photo was taken, she lost 19.5 inches in one relaxing hour! (Wraps start at just $99 btw!)

--- Ebonae Barnes

What a beauty -Inside and out! Kristine has lost over 50 pounds and several clothes sizes in a few short months! Nu Lipo-Ex and NuBody Solutions' weight loss program really get things moving!!! So far so good Kristine. We are very proud of you!!!


"I love the body wraps. They give me a boost, keep me motivated and make me feel GREAT! They are so relaxing and you feel awesome! I like the way my clothes feel after my body wraps from NuBody Solutions!"

--- Dawn Payne

After losing 17 pounds and several clothes sizes in 2 short months, by reducing belly fat and tightening loose skin with NuLipoEx, says, "I'm so excited and so happy!"

--- Olivia

"Wow!!! This is the best I have ever looked! I lost 2 dress sizes and cannot fit into my wedding dress now. You guys have taught me how to completely change my eating habits and I am so glad I did the NuLazer Curve! My waist is so small now! I am so excited!"

--- Lindsay

"This was the best facial I have ever had….even better than the one I had in Europe!"

--- Charlotte

"I wouldn’t trust just anybody with my body…I am a nurse and Susan knows what she’s talking about. They have the best programs available and I love the results I am getting! I drive all the way from Pauley’s Island, SC!"

--- Becky

They have the best protein shakes out there! They are actually real protein…they only have 3 grams of carbs and they taste awesome!! There’s not fillers and junk to mess up my workouts!

--- Tim

"I was scared to do a body wrap…NuBody made me feel so special and I could tell that they really care about their clients! Plan on spending a nice relaxing hour of pur bliss! That wrap is much better than a massge! I feel great and have so much energy!"

--- Alice

"I LOVE my girls at NuBody Solutions…they have the best service there and it is soooooooooooo clean!!! I wouldn’t think of going somewhere else!!! I drive from Liberty and trust them for all of my NuLipoEx and body wraps!! I have lost my big belly and 50 pounds!"

--- Cely

"I never thought I would be able to put on shorts gain! I am 65 and have no more cellulite!! Thanks NuBody!! I feel like I am 40 again!!!!"

--- Teresa J

"I have had two wraps (WONDERFUL) at your establishment in the past and they did as listening to all the commercials that are out there for the types of services you offer, your store is the most trust worthy for me."

--- Jody K

"...I am happy to say that three months in I have lost 12 pounds, which is amazing for someone so small. In January I started at 130 and I am now 118!!!! My body fat has gone down tremendously..."
Read this complete testimonial.

--- Elesia S-T

"I love the Nu Lipo Ex and Susan is awesome! The service doesn’t hurt but it does get rid of belly fat! Now I have more energy and look a lot better in my skinny jeans."

--- Angie W

"I first came to NuBody in June of 2011 after having already started my own weight loss program six months earlier. During that time, I lost 60 lbs, however, Susan's nutritional guidance and the support of her staff at NuBody, tremendously helped increase my weight loss rate. I have lost an additional 90 pounds during the second six-month period, so I definitely believe that the customized weight loss plan accelerated that success.

"Susan and all of her staff are very encouraging and empowering, but at the same time, they still hold you accountable by requiring weekly weigh-ins and maintaining a food log. There is no 'drill instructor' feel. Through the course of getting to know them all, they're more like friends and family. If you have pounds to shed, or if you just want to improve your overall health, I would definitely recommend NuBody Solutions!"

--- Ronda S

"I love the girls at Nu Body Solutions! I have lost 35 pounds and went down 3 clothes sizes from the Nu Lazer Lipo. It doesn’t hurt and I feel great and can fit back into my clothes!"

--- Wanda J

"I had love handles and a few extra pounds to lose that I couldn’t get rid of. After 6 short weeks I lost 15 pounds and 4 and a half inches in my waist! The girls are great and I highly recommend Nu Lipo Ex!"

--- DeQuann H

"I love ALL the services at NBS! The wraps are so relaxing, love the microderm and wow that NU Lazer lipo did great for my underarm fat. But the Nu Lipo Ex Is my favorite…no surgery at all and my baby belly fat is gone!!!"

--- Jodie P

"I love the body wraps…they are so relaxing and the staff is so sweet! I come every spring to fit into my shorts and bathing suit for the summer."

--- Sherry P

"The weight loss program is so easy to follow. No counting calories, no adding points, no scales, you just get to eat a lot and the weight falls off! I lost 65 pounds!"

--- Denise C

"The staff is so supportive and so nice! I have met some really nice friends over at Nu Body Solutions! My waist looks a lot better now too with the Nu Lipo Ex. I lost 8 inches without a lot of work."

--- Frank D

"The body wraps are so awesome to do. My clothes fit so much better and my skin is so much tighter!"

--- Kandice H

"I like the microdermabrasion there at Nu Body Solutions. My skin looks younger and a lot healthier and my age spots are gone!"

--- Brandeigh L

"I had so many wrinkles and bags under my eyes but all of that is gone thanks to Nu Wave Lipo! I appreciate all the girls at NBS for helping me without stinking needles in me!"

--- Paula D

"I had about 10 inches of belly fat and muffin top leftovers from my second child! Thanks to Nu Lipo Ex, you cant even tell I had a baby! I lost all of my weight and my belly is flat again!"

--- Kim B

"I would recommend you [NuBody] to anyone - not only the outstanding customer service and care but the atmosphere that you have there! There's no other place that you could go that would offer the feel that you have there!"

--- Norma B

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*Results from  utilization of NuBody Solutions products and services may vary.
**Before starting any diet or weight loss or body contouring program, consult with a doctor or your personal physician. Although our weight loss program was designed under the supervision of our NC licensed dietician, Jan Johnson, and our medical advisor for all services is Dr. David Best, who has had a successful practice in Greensboro since 1982; you will still need to consult with a physician to make sure that you do not have any health issues that would prevent you from safely utilizing NuBody Solutions’ products or services. At NuBody, our results vary from client to client because we work with individuals from all different health and physical backgrounds, weights varying from 100 to 500 pounds, and and widely varying health, wellness and cosmetic goals.