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Teeth Whitening LightTeeth Whitening

Our new teeth whitening system stands above the rest for fast and effective whitening. It combines an exclusive whitening compound combined with blue light technology for amazing results.

In just one 15-minute session, you're teeth can be lightened 2-8 shades.* You will be amazed!

An added bonus... you can whiten your teeth while relaxing for a detoxifying Body Wrap or while you zap the fat away with the NuLazer Curve!

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**Results vary from person to person due to differences in age, dental history, tooth health, and your dental care regimen. Our whitening system is an over-the-counter cosmetic product under the Federal Drug and Cosmetic Agency [FD&C Act, sec 201 (i)]. NuBody Solutions has staff trained on using this system, but we are not dentists or dental technicians and do not provide dental advice or diagnosis.