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GLYMEDPLUS Skincare Products

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Now you can order quality pharmaceutical-grade skin care products online from NuBody Solutions and have them delivered directly to your door! We have teamed up with GlyMedPlus, a premiere USA-based producer of pharmaceutical-grade skin care products to bring you only the very best products for all you skin care needs.

photo of Acna, Anti-aging, and Ultra-hydrating Glymed Plus product lines

The FDA divides skin-care products into two categories: cosmetic and pharmaceutical. Pharmaceutical-grade skin care products (products that can only be purchased through a skin-care professional) undergo much more rigorous testing before they can be released. This testing can last for as long as 10 years and cost millions of dollars. These products penetrate the layers of the skin to affect its structure and function. For this reason, pharmaceutical products are held to a much higher standard of purity.

Our New GlyMedPlus Product Lines Include:

GlyMedPlus products, a pioneer in the world of pharmaceutical skin care, was founded over 25 years ago by Licensed Master Esthetician and Certified Medical Esthetician, Christine Heathman.

NuBody's Glymend online ordering page makes it simple to select the the best products for your needs. Simply go to products and filter by Line, Skin Type, Skin Concerns, and /or the 4 Steps of Skin Care to see a selection of GlyMed products that will benefit your skin.

Skin concerns address by Glymed include acne, dark circles, dark spots, dryness, lift and firm, pigmentation, pores & texture, post-treatment, pre-treatment, preventative, protection, Rosacea, treatment prep, and wrinkles & fine lines

Or call us if you need any assistance on choosing the products that are best for your skin care needs

More Amazing Products for your Lashes, Lips, and Skin

NuBody also stocks some additional Skincare products in our office.

GrandeLASH-MD Serum

GrandeLASH-MD Lash Enhancing Serum is created from a blend of vitamins, peptides, and amino acid. This award-winning serum works directly at the lash root to give you noticable results in just 4-6 weeks, with full improvement in 3 months.

This one-swipe wonder helps promote the appearance of longer, thicker lashes. It is suitable for use with contacts and lash extensions. Ophthalmologist tested and cruelty-free.

3 Month Supply – $65

GrandeREPAIR Leave-In Lash Conditioner

Infused with key ingredient Widelash™, a biotin peptide,Grande REPAIR deeply conditions lashes helping to protect against breakage and fallout.

GrandREPAIR results in stronger, softer, more fortified and healther looking lashes. Using GrandREPAIR will help protect against environmental toxins, frequesnt mascara application, harsh eye makeup removers, and eyelash curler damage. You will experience less fallout, brittleness, and breakage while using this product, and find mascara application to be easier. GrandREPAIR is cruelty-free.

3 Month Supply – $25


If you are ready for super lush, healthy lashes, try the Lash Fix-it Kit that includes both the GrandeLASH-MD and GrandREPAIR products detailed above!

1 Kit – $75

GrandeLIPS Hydrating Lip Plumper

Get fuller looking lips, without injections or invasive procedures! GrandeLIP Plumper Hydrating Lip Plumper is a high gloss, volumizing lip plumper infused with a nourishing cocktail of Volulip™ and hyaluronic acid for instant short-term plus long-term hydrating benefits. See improved lip volume in 3-5 minutes. Then, when used 2x daily for 30 days, you will see an increase in overall lip volume. GrandeLIP Plumper can be used indepentantly or combined with other lip products and like all of our Grande Cosmetics products is cruelty free.

One applicator of Lip Plumper – $27

Beore and after photos and photos of different color options for GrandeLIPS Hydrating Lip Plumper

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