NuCell-u-Smooth for smooth, cellulite-free skin!
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What is NuCell-u-Smooth?

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NuCell-u-Smooth™ is an FDA approved system that can eliminate cellulite. The results are astonishing!

NuCell-u-Smooth Treatment on Back
*NuCell-u-Smooth Results May Vary

Cellulite is made up of fatty deposits that give a dimply orange peel appearance to the skin. Cellulite can occur in women and men, even those who are not overweight. Until now, it has been almost impossible to get rid of without surgery. Diet and exercise are just not enough to dislodge these stubborn pockets of fat. NuCell-u-Smooth to the rescue!

As with any weight loss or body contouring program, always consult your physician prior to the start of the program.**

NuCell-u-Smooth Post Surgery or Post Lipo Treatment

NuCell-u-Smooth™ is also highly effective when used in conjunction with liposuction surgery, Nu Lipo-Ex, Tickle Lipo, Smart Lipo or Cool Sculpting. NuCell-u-Smooth treatments speed up recovery time and improve the results of the other treatments. NuCell-u-Smooth should be preformed about 2 weeks after the other proceedure to help mobilize extra cellular fluid and fat as well as detoxify your body and boost your immune system.

This results in speeding up the healing process, reducing postoperative swelling, and providing smoother results and tighter skin.

How Does it Work?

NuCell-u-Smooth works by combining heat, vacuum suction, and a fat-free diet for 24 hours following treatment. This easy treatment produces impressive results.

Applying heat allows stored fat to be released through the membranes of the fat cells. Suction increases this process by literally pulling fat molecules through the cell membrane and releasing them into the surrounding lymph fluid. This reduces the size of the fat cells and instantly smoothes out the appearance of buckled and warped fat under the skin. It also increases the lymph flow and releases toxins from the fat cells into the lymphatic system.

NuCell-u-Smooth can only be successful when combined with at least 24 hours of fat-free, calorie-reduced eating. Otherwise, the fat that has been released into the lymphatic system may redeposit in other areas. It is essential to remain fat-free for 24 hours following the treatment so the liver can process and metabolize the fat droplets rather than newly ingested fat.

What Are the Benefits?

Following NuCell-u-Smooth treatments, you will no longer feel you have to cover those trouble areas, and dread bathing suit weather. This treatment process is especially effective for:

There is new hope for cellulite sufferers around Winston-Salem, NC and the surrounding areas. NuCell-u-Smooth will painlessly blast away cellulite and leave you with smooth, tightened, toned skin.

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**Before starting any diet or weight loss or body contouring program, consult with a doctor or your personal physician. Although our weight loss program was designed under the supervision of our NC licensed dietician, Jan Johnson, and our medical advisor for all services is Dr. David Best, who has had a successful practice in Greensboro since 1982; you will still need to consult with a physician to make sure that you do not have any health issues that would prevent you from safely utilizing NuBody Solutions’ products or services. At NuBody, our results vary from client to client because we work with individuals from all different health and physical backgrounds, weights varying from 100 to 500 pounds, and and widely varying health, wellness and cosmetic goals.