Nourish your skin with Nu-OxyMist
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Get beautiful skin with Nu-OxyMistWe are VERY excited to now offer the amazing Nu-OxyMist facial with Amino-Plex®! This amazing new facial infuses your skin with Oxygen and Amino-Plex,® which contains trace minerals, electrolytes, nucleotides (RNA/DNA), nucleosides, glycosamingoglycans, glycolipids, micellized vitamin E and more. This formula has been clinically tested for safety and effectiveness at a major American university and by surgeons and dermatologists worldwide with astounding results!

Nu-OxyMist can be incorporated in many of our skin care services, including:

Nu-OxyMist Facial - Oxygenating facial which is great for healing acne, and has anti-aging benefits. The Nu-OxyMist facial is also absolutely wonderful after a peel or microderm.

Oxy Micro Facial - Microdermabrasion combined with the Nu-OxyMist machine. This is great for dull complexions, acne scars and anti-aging.

O2 Oxy Facial - This combines an oxygen facial with Nu-OxyMist for double the oxygen power. This facial is great for dull complexions, tired or dehydrated skin, as well as smokers. Oxygenate, exfoliate and illuminate your skin. Your skin will thank you.

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