Nu-Lift Features 3Deep Radio Frequency
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Nu-FaceRejuvenation Treatment Before and After
*Nu-Lift Results May Vary
Nu-Lift is a ground breaking new treatment that is quick and pain-free and offers dramatic and immediate results for our patients in the Winston-Salem, NC area. Nu-Lift utilizes the EndyMed 3Deep Small Handpiece which is specially designed for treatment of smaller concentrated body areas such as:

When developing your individual Nu-Lift program at NuBody, we customize it to your specific needs and goals. Working with you, we may decide to incorporate some use of the iFine 3Deep tool featured in our Nu-FaceRejuvenation program. In our unique program, there will be no additional charge for combining multiple 3Deep tools during a treatment session! Combine Nu-Lift with our Nu-ToneUp service for the dramatic results along your jawline and neck areas!

How does it work?

The Nu-Lift small hand piece delivers 3Deep multi-source phase-controlled radio-frequency (RF) to any area of the body that needs concentrated treatment. Nu-Lift uses volumetric deep dermal heating to stimulate your own natural collagen production for dramatically smoother skin, improved contour, and reduced sagging – without burning skin or heating other subcutaneous structures.

Clinical trials with the device have shown 85 percent to 90 percent predictability of good results (Elman M, Vider I, et al. J Cosmet Laser Ther. 2010;12(2):81-86), which is likely due to the device's real-time impedance of the skin in feedback and compensation. The impedance of the skin is different between patients and, according to Dr. Harth, it is very important to compensate for impedance as failure to do so may result in varying levels of energy delivered to target areas.

"During a procedure, the EndyMed PRO constantly measures the impedance and, therefore, the energy that is delivered into the skin is controlled and constant. This is the first time that we have a system based on RF that can deliver a lot of energy to the depth of the skin without pain and without safety concerns, and with a high predictability of results," Dr. Harth says.

Typical treatment protocol with the device is two to three treatments for the face and four to six for the body, performed every two weeks. Treatment outcomes can last a year to a year and a half, depending on the patient.

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