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Nu-FaceRejuvenation Treatment Before and After
*Nu-FaceRejuvenation Results May Vary
Nu-FaceRejuvenation utilizes the iFine handpiece which is specifically designed to treat the skin laxity on the delicate, hard to treat skin tissue around the eyes and mouth. This revolutionary new treatment:


As a result, you will have more youthful, less tired looking eyes, and much younger looking lips!
For more information, watch the news video below from TV1 NYC.

When developing your individual Nu-FaceRejuvenation program at NuBody, we customize it to your specific needs and goals. Working with you, we may decide to incorporate some use of the Small 3Deep tool featured in our Nu-Lift program. In our unique program, there will be no additional charge for combining multiple 3Deep tools during a treatment session!

How does it work?

The iFine delivers 3Deep multi-source phase-controlled radio-frequency (RF) to the delicate eye and lip areas through the EndyMed PRO platform. The iFine uses volumetric deep dermal heating to stimulate your own natural collagen production for smoother skin, improved contour, and reduced sagging and hooding – without burning skin or heating other subcutaneous structures.

In a study published in the Journal of Cosmetics, Dermatological Sciences and Applications (September 2015), Isabelle Rousseaux, MD, treated periorbital signs of aging in 11 subjects using the iFine handpiece. Using the global aesthetic improvement scale (GAIS) and post-treatment questionnaires filled out by subjects, Dr. Rousseaux found that 91% of patients showed good to excellent improvement as a result of the treatment. The periorbital RF treatments were well tolerated by the subjects, who reported minimal or no pain, and there was little to no downtime after the treatments.

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