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At NuBody, our licensed aestheticians offer a wide variety of standard and specialized facials to help you reach your specific skin care needs.

Standard Facials

Rezenerate Facials

NEW ReZENerate Facials

NuBody now offers the Rezenerate NonoFacial System which is designed for professional use only. This system features cutting-edge nonotechnology, the pressure points of acupressure, principals of Yogic facial exercisesm and the soothing cool touch of cold therapy to produce Amazing "Rez"ults!

Rezenerate facials deliver immediate and long-lasting improvements, require no downtime, and are non invasive.

The Rezenerate Facial won the 2019 Aestheticians' Choice Dermascope Award!

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Hydrogel Facial Upgrades

Hydrajelly Facials

We have recently added exciting Esthemax Hydrojelly Facial upgrades. These can be added to your skincare treatments or body wrap sessions for only $20. Below are some of the specialized hydrogel options that we offer along with their benefits:

Papaya FacialOther Specialized Facials

Throughout the year NuBody also offers limited-edition facials that feature healthy, seasonal botanicals to cleanse and repair your skin. Please give us a call to inquire about these special offerings.

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