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Whole Body Cryotherapy

We are excited to now be able to offer our clients near Winston-Salem, NC the option of full body cryotherapy treatments. These treatments are great for reducing inflammation, burning calories, and reducing stress and anxiety.

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*Cryotherapy Results May Vary

Benefits of Cryotherapy

FAQs about Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC)

Q. Is this dangerous?
A. No. Nitrogen is a non-flammable, non-toxic gas. Nitrogen composes 78% of the air that we breathe. The other components are 16% oxygen, 1% hydrogen and 5% other gases. Nitrogen is as common and safe as oxygen.

Q. Who’s it for?
A. WBC is ideal for athletes seeking muscle recovery, people with chronic pain and inflammatory conditions, and those seeking weight loss and skin rejuvenation. Cryotherapy is used post-surgery to accelerate healing and reduce pain without the side effects of pain medications. Younger clients, ages 10 to 18, can also use WBC with parent’s consent.

treatment session
*Cryotherapy Results May Vary

Q. How many should I do?
A. Depending upon the condition being treated, it should initially take five to ten treatments in close succession (every day or every other day), with maintenance treatments afterwards. However, many of our clients enjoy the health and beauty benefits of cryotherapy so much, they prefer a session every day

Q. How will I feel afterwards?
A. WBC stimulates the body to release endorphins, the hormones that make us feel alert and energetic. The elevating effects from each session typically last for six to eight hours. Many of our clients also report improvements in their sleep quality after cryotherapy

Q. Is it too cold?
A. Since the cold from WBC only penetrates the surface of the skin, you will only experience a slight chill. Cryotherapy improves circulation throughout the body and stimulates production of brown fat, (the good fat that burns calories), so your future ability to tolerate cold should improve.

Q. Will I be Comfortable?
A. Yes! WBC involves dry, hyper-cooled air flowing over the skin surface; the process never freezes skin tissues, muscles or organs. The result is only a “feeling” of being cold. The body is being tricked into believing that this extreme cold is life-threatening. Cryotherapy is a dry cold with no moisture and tolerable even to those who consider themselves cold-intolerant. (A session is only 3 minutes!)

Q. What do you wear?
A. We provide you with thermal socks, gloves, specialized shoes and a robe. You should have a dry undergarment on. All jewelry below the neck is removed. The goal is to expose as much skin surface as possible so that your body’s reaction is optimized.

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