Firm Tone and Repair
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What Is NuWave Lipo?

NuWave Lipo Treatment on FaceNuWave Lipo™ is a non-invasive, aesthetic device that effectively tightens and tones skin, in targeted areas - especially on the face and neck.

This treatment works for all skin types and colors, and offers solutions to the inevitable problems of sagging, aging skin. It's a safe and pain-free process that targets deep into the skin tissue for better firming.

With NuWave Lipo, there's no pain, no lasers, no needles, no surgery, no suction, and no burning! It feels just like a warm massage.

How Does it Actually Work?

NuWave Lipo is a bipolar radio frequency (RF) device and method used in aesthetic treatment. Electric fields are created between two electrodes (the applicator and the grounding pad) that cause molecules to rotate or move. At the surface of the skin, the charge is changing polarity from positive to negative, alternately attracting and repelling electrons and charged ions. Polar molecules are induced to rotate back and forth, vibrating at a high frequency. It is the resistance to this movement that creates heat in the tissue.

RF current encounters different electrical resistances, depending on the water content of the tissue it travels through. The higher the water content, the greater the resistance. Tissue like cellulite is full of fluid, making it easy to selectively heat and release melted fats.

NuWave Tone and TightensWhat Are The Benefits?

NuWave Lipo is a fast and effective method for:

The NuWave Lipo system is the ideal aesthetic skin treatment for:

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