Relax and Recharge with a Therapeutic Massage
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Massage Therapy

NuBody Solutions is excited to now offer therapeutic massage therapy. Massage therapy is manual manipulation to enhance a person's health and wellbeing. We offer modalities customized for your individual needs. The benefits of massage include a decrease in stress, pain and anxiety; improve circulation, immune system and quality of sleep; as well as reduced fatigue.

Our licensed massage therapist will consult with you and customize your massage based on your individual needs. All massages include aroma therapy and hot towels for added relaxation.

Swedish Massage: A relaxing, light to medium pressured massage that incorporates flowing movements which is great for circulation, stress relief and overall wellbeing.

Deep Tissue Massage: Firm to deep pressured massage that incorprates slow kneading movements which is great for tension relief, trigger points and adhesions.

Focus Massage: This modality is focused on one specific troubled area. It is great for areas of high tension that need a little more work than other areas.

DO NOT get a massage if:


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